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Even the display and the handlebar circuit are our own developments.
This is the only way to achieve our high demands for quality, compactness and design.

  • Rear wheel hub electric motor, brush-less
  • Power 2 KW - 4 KW
  • Speed: 25 km/h or 45 km/h
  • Torque: 80 Nm
  • 4 acceleration modes selectable via the handle bar switch

  • Lithium-Ion 50,4 V
  • 37,7 Ah | 1900 Wh
  • 5 hour fast-charge
  • with 8 A charger
  • High quality BMS with integrated USB interface for maintenance purposes
  • Removeable battery or lockable on the FEDDZ
  • Range 50 - 60 km depending on the driving style

We only use premium Battery cells from Panasonic or Samsung!

FEDDZ is patent protected in China, Europe, Canada and the USA

US Patent
(No US D686,540 S)

  • Wheelbase: 1370 mm.
  • Handmade frame and rear swingarm made of aluminum.
  • Trim panels are made of ABS plastic with a PMMA coating. High UV stability and extrem scratch restistance
  • Storage room: 420 x 360 x 220 mm.
  • Tyres: 26 Schwalbe Crazy Bob
  • Front suspension Manitou with 80 mm spring excursion
  • Disk brakes: Magura Hydraulic MT4
  • Disk brake diameter: 180 mm
  • Motorbike weight: 35 kg
  • Battery weight: 12 kg
  • Permissible total weight: 173 kg

  • Cargo frame with 2 black belt straps with quick-release fasterners
  • Battery removable and lockable on the FEDDZ with 8 Ampere battery recharger
  • Recovery of braking energy ( recuperation )
  • High performance head lamp from Philips
  • LED rear lamp with integrated brake lamp
  • LED traffic blinker front and rear
  • Cockpit display with speedometer, battery indicator, blinker, odometer, driving range and warning lamp
  • RFID - digital starter.
  • Height adjustable seat with wear resistant synthetic leather covering
  • High quality aluminum handle bar with Procraft buttress
  • Kick stand with immobiliser
  • Tyre protectors both front and rear with license plate holder
  • Anodized aluminum footpeg
  • Horn
  • Left side mirror
Vehicle category: L1e
Two-wheeled motor (small motor cycle) with maximum design speed of 25 km/h up to 45 km/h and cubic capacity of 50 cmm or up to 4 kW at electric engines.

  • EU approval / ministry of transport approval
  • Insurance required (small motor scooter lincence plate)
  • Helmet required
  • Free from vehicle registration and taxation
  • Free from automotive inspecting authority

Driving requirement with FEDDZ 45 km/h:
driver's licence class AM (Germany) or car licence.

Price including vat. 7800.- €

Driving requirement with FEDDZ 25 km/h:
with Mofa approval (Germany)

Price including vat. 7800.-€

When climbing steep slopes with a weight of more than  80 kg, the overload protection of the controller may engage, causing the bike to slow down. 

Technical alteration is subject to change.

E-mobility quality standards.
User manual User manual
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